How To Hide Files Photos Private Folder In Google Drive

In 2012 Google introduce a Online file storage and synchronization service which is known that Google Drive. Google Drive offers you to upload and storage any of your documents up to 15GB at completely free. You can also increase the storage label up to 1TB to 30TB but then you need to pay for this. Hare you can storage files, photos, private folder, document.
hidden files in Google drives

If your folder or file is very private and you wants hide file than read the bellow tricks to do this. It’s not a trick it’s just a manual way to hide a file by overlapping with another file. So solve the issue how to hidden files in Google drives.

Hide files in Google drive Quick Way

Hare we’re simply describe a very simple method to hide files photos private folder in Google drive. So friend’s least starts it.
Step 1: sign in your Gmail by valid ID and password
Step 2: Now open Google Drive
Step 3: upload any file that you want to hide or if you are already upload then leave step
Step 4: now right click on the folder and the given option click on ‘manage versions’
Step 5: Step 1: click on ‘upload new version’ and upload any image or file
Step 6: after complete upload you can only see the 2nd upload image in place of 1st one
Step 7: that’s it.

How to get back Google drive hidden files

To get back the 1st items follow the process bellow
Right click on the 2nd file →click on ‘manage versions’. Now you’ll see the hidden file → Right click on it → download it


When we’re in outside of home and need a document then Google drives is really very important us. Google drive is the part of your Gmail which is password protected that’s why it’s not necessary to hide any file. If you’re succored your Gmail password than you don’t need to hide files photos private folder in Google drive.

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