Top 10+ Free Proxy Sites List – Top Proxy Servers List 2022

It’s essential to find best free proxy sites for secure internet browning. Society increasingly values ​​privacy and anonymity on the Internet, after a few years in which we were not aware of everything we were giving to third parties without consideration. To all this, the notorious cases of massive espionage and security breaches that have ended up leaking users’ private data have contributed. But, in addition, there is a general suspicion that someone “is watching” everything we do. For that reason, the use of tools such as VPN or proxy has grown.


It can be very useful to have a proxy server and it may not sound like anything to you what it is or what it is for, but below we will explain what they are for and what are the best free proxies in 2022 that we can use at no cost in our daily lives.

What is a proxy server


A proxy or proxy server is a computer network that “acts as an intermediary” between the requests made by a client to another server. If a person requests to visit a web page, they will do so through a request to the proxy server. This will transfer the request to the destination website that the user who has actually requested it will not know.

What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

The advantages of using a proxy go through the anonymity of the users since, if they all identify themselves as one, it is difficult for the destination server or website to differentiate them.

  • Our real IP address is not visible or displayed
  • We can bypass geographical restrictions
  • Loading times are reduced
  • We filter potentially dangerous websites

However, not all are advantages since, unlike VPNs, a proxy hides the original IP , but does not encrypt our connection. We have a privacy problem in some free proxies since they are not completely anonymous or we run the risk of leaking our data, so it is important that you look carefully before choosing one or the other.

VPN and proxy

In this case, you may think that the functions of a proxy are similar to those of a VPN and, in a way, both have the same advantages and improve our privacy on the Internet when we browse, hiding our real IP address or bypassing restrictions. But they are not the same and they do not work in the same way.


What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a kind of tunnel that is placed between you and the server and all the information that travels through it is completely encrypted. It allows us to remain anonymous, maintain or improve security, and hide our public IP. There are free and paid ones and they have servers in many different countries to which we can connect from the computer, the phone, the tablet.

  • differences

If both serve practically the same purpose, what is the difference? A proxy acts as a mere intermediary between the user and an application, web or service (your server), but nothing else changes in the connection. It does not encrypt the connection or its content, hiding only the original IP. A VPN is a more complete solution that protects our connection by encrypting its content , but also hides the IP. This allows us to bypass geographic blocking or access portals blocked by our operator. It is the recommendation when we use a public WiFi.

Therefore, we must know very well what we want to do to choose one or another solution . If we simply want to hide our IP quickly and cheaply (for free with the proxies in this article), a proxy server will suffice. If, on the other hand, we want a security, privacy and anonymity solution, we will have no choice but to opt for a VPN, be it a free VPN with some of the trial periods that most allow to use it for one, two or three months without the need to pay for them.

Some risks of using free proxy services

It is not always true, but the truth is that when something is free, it does not usually offer everything that the same service that has an associated cost would offer us. In terms of security, this union becomes even more complicated, however, depending on our needs, we can always assess the use of certain free services, such as a proxy.

Now, these are some of the risks or dangers that we can find when using a free proxy. Keep in mind that even if there are risks, it does not automatically mean that they will pose a danger. Although there may be malware in some things, using a proxy is always recommended to hide your IP over the Internet.

  • malware

The great demand for these types of services makes them the focus of cybercriminals. In this sense, being a free service, download sites usually contain a large amount of advertising in which all kinds of viruses are usually camouflaged. Therefore, we must be very careful when downloading a free proxy so as not to end up downloading some malicious software, since we will have a solution worse than the problem.

  • Data and information theft

The lack of security due to the use of cookies can cause an intruder to get hold of our access data and go through us or steal certain information.

  • Share IP address

When we use a free proxy, it is normal that we share the same IP with other users. The problem comes if any of those users carry out any illegal activity with our same IP and we are involved in the matter.

  • Security in the connections

Nor is it common to find a free proxy that uses encrypted connections , which is a serious security problem.

  • Speed ​​and quality of service

Using a free service often comes at the expense of connection quality and speed . Using a proxy may have many advantages, but it will also have drawbacks and we will have lower speeds or worse quality of service than if we do not use it.

  • navigation controls

Another risk to take into account is that this type of service can control everything we do and our activity on the Internet. The collection of certain information may cause us to later see how they show us related advertising, among other things.


Best free proxy sites Lists to browse anonymously

Once we are clear about the differences, it’s time to find out the best free proxy to browse the Internet anonymously. As we have said, they are online solutions that allow us to hide our IP, but they are not authentic answers to completely traceless browsing. They will not offer us the same advantages as if you pay for a proxy, but they can be used if you do not want to pay or know if it is really worth using one of these services.

1. ProxySite

A free web proxy that is advertised as offering maximum speed and security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. In addition, its website does not offer any type of advertising and even has direct access to the most famous portals such as YouTube or Facebook. In a dropdown we can choose 15 servers in the United States and 10 in the European Union . In addition, it has bypass filters, so that no one prevents you from accessing your favorite sites, not even your boss.

With this proxy, it does not matter if you access a secure site or if it is not. You will have an encrypted SSL connection to browse the sites you want without filters. As in this type of service, browsing is anonymous, so that no one knows where you connect and what you do. Instead of connecting directly to the site, the service does it for you and sends it back to you without anyone knowing where you’ve been. You just have to enter the URL, click Go and that’s it. All this for free. Don’t forget to look at the web settings.

2. KProxy

Another free alternative that even has a portable browser that we can use from any computer without the need for installation. This proxy has a Chrome extension. Edge and Firefox , as well as allowing you to choose between ten different proxy servers. It has a paid Pro version with more speed and without advertising, however, if that does not worry you, it comes with the free version with which 100% of the sites work.

The pro version allows you unlimited access , faster servers and no ads, the free one is still a good solution that you don’t pay for. For just over 1.5 million people use this service every month. You can bypass online blocks for foreign content, avoid hackers and browse privately. You can use it wherever you want and it will be better than a VPN for your needs. It’s free with no ads, though you can sign up and log in to access the best features.

3. Hidester

Allows you to select a server in Europe or the US , as well as being able to enable or disable cookies, encrypt the URL, and other features. It has an extension for Google Chrome and 128-bit SSL encryption. You can browse privately, bypass filters, and evade hackers with its extension (even on public WiFi connections).

It is a simple proxy to use, since you only have to open your browser, type the web and the connection will be encrypted automatically, without having to install software or applications. You can even use it from your mobile. Plus, it’s fast, anonymous, trusted, and secure . You can download it for free for your operating system in the web download option and choose Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android.

4. Hide My Ass

One of the best known has servers in the United States, Germany, Holland, London or the Czech Republic . Among its options, the possibility of encrypting URLs, deactivating cookies or eliminating scripts stand out. You just have to indicate the site you want to access, choose a server and configure the options. By giving Accept and connecting you could start using it. Offer payment solutions.

You can access blocked sites anywhere in the world with this free proxy that allows you to hide your IP and browse anonymously by following the simple steps we have indicated. The proxy allows you to browse in a single tab, although you can switch to your VPN if you want and try it for free for a month to see if it convinces you. For normal use you may not use it, but you can test to see what the differences are.

5. Hide Me

Free proxy with a good reputation that offers three servers in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States , in addition to the usual options. It even offers us the possibility to download its VPN for free. You can give the address, location and other options and go to Go. You do not need to register, and they select their servers to meet high standards of privacy and security. They do not store the IP address or logs, and also allow popular protocols.

You can also download free extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It is a service verified by Trustpilot with a very good score. If you want to get their VPN, you have to go to the top of the page and choose the option you want. There is a free one that does not require a card and several paid ones.

4. ProxyFree

This free proxy stands out for giving us the latency of the intermediate server , something that will help us choose one or the other. We can allow cookies, remove page headers and much more. It includes an SSL address (if you hit the padlock you can disable it), server address, IP address and other functions, you hit Proxfree and that’s it.

You have various features on top of this like remove page titles, allow cookies, remove scripts, remove objects and more. You must accept the terms of use before accessing the service. It has advertising, so don’t get confused because, like in all the others, it can be confusing.

In the menu, you can go to YouTube proxy, Facebook proxy or video proxy depending on your needs.

5. VPN Book

Servers in the UK, US, Canada, and France along with 256-bit SSL encryption. This website allows us to have a free VPN but it also offers us a proxy so it is convenient to always have it at hand as we need one thing or another. Put the link and the server that interests you from those that are available. You have in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada and random if you are not sure which one interests you.

You don’t have to install anything to use it because it goes through the web. You can safely hide your IP and protect yourself from internet spies with this web browser-based proxy that doesn’t require you to install anything. It offers you a good speed without restrictions and unlimited traffic so you can watch the movie, series, download a torrent or whatever you want. It does not block ports or websites so you can do what you want. In addition, the servers are optimized and provide you with 100% anonymity.

6. Filter

Proxy server that is advertised for YouTube , although we can use it with more services. For example, Twitch, Facebook, Google, Dailymotion, Twitter, Reddit and others. Unlike others, it does not allow you to choose the server, but it does enable or disable certain options. It is easy to use and free. In addition, it has a section of frequently asked questions in which they will solve most of the problems that you may encounter. Of course, it has a lot of advertising, so be careful with it.

What you have to do is enter the web address and select the server, or enter it automatically, and then click Surf Web. Further down you have quick access to services. If you are on the page, you will be able to see the new features that it incorporates frequently and the possibility of using the browser add-ons that it includes to unblock certain services and easily avoid internet censorship. It has cross-platform support, so you can also use it on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

7. CroxyProxy

With web version or extension for Chrome. It offers direct access to the most visited portals, but it lacks advanced options or the possibility to change the server. You can put the link and go to Go or the premium version that improves performance. With the free version, you can make all websites encrypted with SSL, hide your real IP address, have a permanent link function, it is valid for any operating system and has support for HTML5 audio and video playback.

With its advanced online proxy you will improve your privacy and browse the internet safely, being compatible with many web pages and offering full video streaming support. It is the best alternative to free VPN, without downloading or configuring anything. It works for YouTube, but for many other services. Your traffic is regular HTTPS which cannot be detected. The paid version costs 3.5 euros per month, in case you are interested in accessing more features, although the free version is quite good.

8. whoer

It only offers extensions for the main browsers and no web version. The extension for Google Chrome has a rating of more than 4 stars (out of 5) by 38 users and has been downloaded by more than 13,000 users. You just have to install it, connect (the free version has a server in the Netherlands at 1 mb/s) and enjoy its benefits. The premium subscription offers access to servers in 20 countries with no speed limitations.

You can download it for Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Firefox and open it in your browser in its free version to visit the websites you want, or in the premium version if you buy it. Its speed is fast with no logs or tracking of your activity. In both cases, it offers you total anonymity, hidden IP and good security. You can also buy a VPN. You can use it from any device.

9. Hideoxy

A free proxy without too many options , if any. It can be a backup option if we have had problems with other more complete ones. The features are the same as others, such as hiding your IP, keeping your privacy, browsing anonymously, viewing websites with high speed, etc. It has been working since 2013, and its main advantage is that you do not have to pay for it.

You can use it at home, at work or wherever you want to access the sites you care about without limitations. It allows you to get into blocked sites at work like Reddit, YouTube, Tumb Go, Facebook and others. It offers you total anonymity and bandwidth savings. In addition, you will be able to see a list of new proxies, your IP address and even access a premium VPN if you wish (to choose IPs from more than 75 countries and much more).

10. Anonymous

Good solution for anonymity that has been active since 1997 . Despite this, we have to skip a series of steps to get to the free version that, in addition to everything, does not allow us to choose a server or customize anything. Choose as languages ​​English or German. It is not intuitive at all, at first it sends you to the VIP options, although if you look further down you can continue with anonymous browsing for free.

Its main advantage is that you do not have to give any personal information and nobody will know what you do, what you visit or where you connect from. You will have total privacy while accessing wherever you want. You can compare how you will visit web pages without anonymity and with the service just below where you can put the URL.

11. New IP

Nice name for a website that offers plenty of free hosts to choose from , detailing their IP addresses and location. Beyond that, you don’t have many options. Currently, you have several possibilities in your paid plan and we did not manage to get to the free version. You can set it up in 5 minutes.

You can update your proxies to get new IP addresses whenever you want. It has 1,700 servers and 9,900 users. One of its main features is that it has advanced HTTP proxies with which to have complete, unlimited and reliable access to all the websites on the Internet, compatible with the main browsers and apps. Their servers are very fast, with unlimited bandwidth and great anonymity. You can get up to 500o unique IPS in more than 20 global locations .

12. Fast USA

A web proxy server with a somewhat dark and gloomy appearance, although with options to encrypt the URL or allow cookies. We cannot choose server. Be careful if you get a privacy error, you can skip this and access or not trust. At first, it was going well. In addition, you will find interesting information about proxies so that you are clear about what they consist of, their advantages and more. The web is not the same, so it does not work as a proxy.

13. Site2

Simple proxy without options to access anonymously, although it does not work on some occasions. You just have to indicate the website. Of course, you will have to avoid the large amount of advertising that it contains, which will make you fall for it instead of its functions. Too much, I’d say. It is better to try other options that are more intuitive and less full of advertising.

With it you can browse anonymously and quickly, even if you want to download torrents. Thus, you will have the possibility to visit sites with restrictions, blocked by your country, your firewall, see if any website is accessible, hide your real IP and protect your privacy on the network. It is a free service, although you must accept its terms of use. Remember to put the link and click on unlock website, since this is an option that is not very visible.

The best free proxies: Conclusion

As you can imagine, even the best free proxies must play a game of eternal chess with the major services on the web. Google puts up a lot of obstacles, and uploading YouTube with traditional proxy cleanup is almost impossible… but only “almost” . Our recommendation is to explore each entry that we have mentioned here, however, our comments are also open in case you want to recommend another option. Good luck!

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