Top 5 Flixtor Alternatives/ Sites Like Flixtor in 2022

Unfortunately, it is official: Flixtor is no longer operational and there is no scheduled date for its return.

Under extreme pressure from the film industry, one of our favorite free movie and TV streaming services has been removed from the web. If you have recently visited a website that was advertised as Flixtor, you should continue reading as you are putting yourself in danger.



Dozens of new websites have appeared claiming to be “the new Flixtor”, but they are all fake and not secure. Flixtor developers confirmed in a public statement that any website that claims to be a new version of the service is a fraud.

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What can you do while Flixtor is not available?

Fortunately, there are safe alternatives to Flixtor, so you can still tune into your dose of TV and movies

We constantly monitor streaming websites to find the best services available and help you stay well away from websites that could distribute malware or take over your browser. Below we share some of our favorite alternatives to Flixtor to.

But first a quick note about your online security: If you download movie torrents or watch streaming videos on some free web on the Internet.

By staying anonymous, a VPN can protect you from legal problems if the website you use has not obtained the distribution rights for the movies you watch. For this reason we will also recommend the best VPNs to use for free streaming websites.

About Flixtor

This is one of the best free movie streaming and downloading sites online. Yes, you heard us right, for Free movies without paying any subscription. With Flixtor you won’t be bored, in the catalog you will find films, series for every category and age. Its database contain thousands of full-length action movies, comedies, fiction in HD flix quality. The website is constantly updated with new movies that are released recently and movie releases appear faster than other free online movie services. To access this website is really very easy, anyone can use this platform without any problem and enjoy the movies without paying any penny or registration formalities.

Best Alternatives to Flixtor to

We have thoroughly tested these websites for safety, quality and reliability. You don’t have to sign up to see their content and they don’t bombard you with ads, especially if your VPN has an adblocker.

Movies Joy

Movies Joy is a free streaming TV and movie service with zero ads. It is fast and offers streaming in HD. During our tests, however, we discovered that some of the HD videos are actually only 720p (standard HD) quality, not the 1080p (full HD) we expected.

All videos are labeled HD or cam, allowing you to quickly find the highest quality version of each movie. Cam movies are those that were shot with a camera in a movie theater.

The only real downside we discovered when testing Movie Joy is that there is no way to remove subtitles from videos that have them. The subtitles we came across were not intrusive and didn’t take up a lot of screen space, but it would still be nice to be able to disable them.

Overall, Movies Joy is a well-designed, ad-free free website that has a huge offering of over 1,000 titles.

Popcorn Time

Technically Popcorn Time is an app and not a website, but it is so impressive that it deserves mention here.

When you open the app, you have access to a catalog of thousands of TV series and movies from various torrent download sites; all you have to do is select a movie, choose the video quality and decide if you want subtitles – the app will do the rest.

The Popcorn Time app is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android devices. You can also download it to your iOS device from a PC or Mac.

Subs Movies

Subs Movies has a great interface that is very easy to use. Videos are organized by quality and source, so you can quickly find the best version of the title you’re looking for.

The interface is also much more powerful than it first appears. It gives the impression of being a simple video index, but the video you choose is played directly on the SubsMovies website – you never have to risk opening unknown third-party streaming websites.

As its name suggests, SubsMovies is focused on improving the availability of captioned content. This is great if you can’t find many movies in your native language or if you are hearing impaired. Simply pause the video at any time to get a translation of the subtitle.

Project Free TV

Project Free TV is not really a streaming website; is an easy-to-use index of TV series. When you find what you want to see, you have to follow the link to a third-party website that hosts the video.

PFTV is not as intuitive and smooth to use as our top three options, and you may have to try a few links to find one that works.

We did not find any ads on the main website, but third party websites may show you some ads. Some websites allow you to choose whether you want to play the video in streaming or download it, but we do not recommend downloading content from third-party websites.

Project Free TV has just about any series you can think of, and more are added every day.

Watch Series

Watch Series offers a huge catalog of series and movies, but has more pop-up ads than the other sites on our list. Using a VPN with ad blocker helps a lot; You will have to click on a few ads while browsing the web but none will interrupt your streams.

The web is incredibly fast and responsive. However, like Project Free TV, Watch Series sends you to a third-party website to play the video. Again, you will have to have some patience as the first link you try might not work.

Watch Series is a very well organized website where it is easy to find the movies and series you want to watch. Just make sure you use a good VPN and avoid downloading content from third-party websites.

Final Word

Flixtor’s demise has been a great loss to the world of torrenting fans and the streaming community. We would all like to believe that all the websites that call themselves “the new Flixtor” really are, but they are not, and most of them can be dangerous. Don’t be fooled by malicious and fake websites; Stay safe by sticking to the excellent alternatives to Flixtor to that we recommend in our guide and using a VPN whenever you visit a streaming or torrent download website.